a small book about running a small gallery buy at Amazon

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

“The Tiny Art Gallery Manual would make a fantastic present for that young or old artist, technician, curator, gallery owner, salesperson, art dealer, family of borrowers in your life.” How …

Tiny Cat summer exhibition poster with three amazing shows

My Tiny Cat Gallery

Tiny Cat Gallery is a collaborative lockdown project inspired by Lizzie Donegan.  Lizzie ran an art exchange to explore spontaneity and playfulness in art making. When I displayed her work …

poetry by Rae printed out and turned into a substantial form

Poetry pottery

This project is a collaboration with poets via social media. Using a combination of the shape, meaning and feeling of the poem I translate the written words into three dimensional …

Haley Bird Design Hand holds

Collaboration with Claire Haley: architect turned designer-maker of concept jewellery and hand held pieces, creating expressive, statement pieces exploring materials and enhancing them in innovative ways. My contribution was the …

our street was grotty so I tried rewarding those businesses who cared

Show Stapleton Road Some Love

Stapleton Road is an unloved area of inner city Bristol. It needed an innovative approach to solve the fly tipping problem. I spoke to residents, cleaners, shop owners and litterers …

easy craft ideas I can teach in a festive workshop online too

Seasonal Books with The Frugal Family

There was a gap in the market for books that helped people live more sustainable lives without requiring huge and expensive lifestyle changes. By collaborating with Claire Lyons from The …

Lisa Cole blogger Photographed by IKEA for a catalogue

IKEA Influencer

Why How What Live LAGOM is a 3-year project helping IKEA customers live more sustainably at home, supported by Hubbub.