My Tiny Cat Gallery

Tiny Cat Gallery is a collaborative lockdown project inspired by Lizzie Donegan.  Lizzie ran an art exchange to explore spontaneity and playfulness in art making.

When I displayed her work in my house I was struck by two insights. The first was that it felt like I had a guest who commanded respect in the house. The second insight was around displaying art.

My home is full of things and the artwork easily receded into the background of clutter and life. I wondered how the work would look on a plain gallery wall.


Sculpture by Lizzie Donegan displayed on a book shelf.

I don’t have much wall space left so I created a tiny gallery. On the plain walls of the Tiny Gallery Lizzie’s work was huge. To add some sense of dimension and to increase the play element I created an audience of small plastic cats. This brought many new eyes to the artwork and a totally different perspective. I documented the process of the Exhibition by Post in a blog on a-n.

Tiny Gallery Lizzie Donegan

The private view of Lizzie Donegan at the Tiny Gallery

A large cat and a tiny gallery

Full sized cat for scale. (Scumspawn)

Tiny Cat summer exhibition poster with three amazing shows

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print