Make your own tiny art gallery (PDF template)

Tiny Guerrilla GalleryHow to make your own tiny gallery

This printable, foldable gallery is part of a residency at UWE Library by Tiny Cat Gallery curator Lisa Cole.

It prints out to A4 size and works on normal 80gsm paper but is stronger with slightly heavier paper.

Cut along the dashed lines and fold on the dots. The printed surface will be the outside of your gallery, the inside will be plain white, ready for your creations.

Click here to download a PDF of the gallery.



Lining the inside of the gallery with paper or thin card is a good way to add colour and texture. These dimensions may need to be adjusted if your card is thick.

  • Long side: 170mm x 63.5mm
  • Short side: 85mm x 63,5mm
  • Back (or base if you are making a top down gallery) 170mm x 85mm

Share your gallery

Initially designed to fit on library shelves next to relevant books, this gallery can be used in other settings. There is place in the world for many guerrilla galleries. Your mission is to find those places.

The Tiny Cat Gallery resides online at Instagram  Please use the hashtag #thinksmall and tag @uwelibrary and when posting pictures of your work in the gallery.

On any social media platform other hashtags that are useful include

#microgallery #tinygallery #cardboardgallery #boxgallery 

please feel free to join in with #microgallerymonday

Get featured

If you would like your gallery to be featured on social media and/or future publications by Lisa Cole please post a picture of it on Instagram using


This gives the Lisa permission to share relevant material from your Instagram account. All your work will be credited to you and you will be contacted to double check if your work is likely to be in a print publication. If you don’t want your gallery to be featured leave out the tags and mentions.

Terms and conditions

The Tiny Cat Gallery and UWE Library accept no responsibility for work left in tiny foldable galleries that are in public places. 

The Tiny Cat Gallery and UWE Libraries do not endorse any of the work displayed in any galleries made with this printable.



Tiny Guerrilla Gallery

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print