Philip Ryland – Retrospective

My Tiny Cat Gallery is a small cardboard box staffed and visited by tiny plastic cats. Curated by Lisa Cole each exhibition at the Tiny Cat Gallery encourages us to see artwork from a different perspective. In the gallery space A4 artworks are huge and domineering. For more information and details about submitting a proposal please check the Tiny Gallery FAQ.


Philip Ryland is exhibiting tiny reproductions of larger pieces, each representing a different strand of his recent work. He said “For me it’s an opportunity to see how various projects and side projects sit cohesively in a gallery setting.”

Each piece is 95 x 63mm, gesso primed paper mounted on foam board.

  • Superstar – ink, pencil, goldpoint
  • Little Grave  – ink, acrylic, silverpoint
  • Blue Lace – bronzepoint
  • Shelter – ink, pencil, goldpoint
  • Yellow Stripy Ted – acrylic, pen
  • Sensitive Habitat – ink, acrylic, pencil, pen, silverpoint
  • All the Colours: Gouache 208 – gouache
  • Rhododendron – acrylic, silverpoint
  • Duckpond – acrylic
  • Cheeseplant – acrylic, gold and silverpoint, ink

Artists Statement

Philip Ryland graduated in 1993 with a sculpture degree and has been a full time artist, (painting), since 2004, exhibiting widely in the UK and through art fairs overseas. He has worked on many corporate and private commissions and takes part in local open studios events, running workshops from his studio and in local schools.

His work starts at a figurative point and through a series of loose painting and analogue and digital drawing techniques he pushes the work to abstraction, allowing the viewer to appreciate the details in a piece as well as the ‘all over’ composition. Earlier this year he was awarded an Artist Newsletter bursary, allowing him the time and space to try some new working methods and look at new ways of exhibiting.

He is based in Farnham, Surrey and you can see more of his work at

and on Instagram where he is @prpaints

Philip Ryland paints many branches and shelters silverpoint and line

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print