Tiny Cat Gallery FAQ

What is the Tiny Cat Gallery?

The Tiny Cat Gallery was originally a cardboard box painted in Farrow & Ball matt Stiffkey Blue. It was staffed by small plastic cats.

Sadly a terrible fire halted renovations after a very well received Summer 2020 season of artists. The culprits were identified as the twins who conveniently went on holiday the day after a positive id.

Tiny Cat Gallery³

Autumn 2020 sees a new pop up in the form of Tiny Cat Gallery³, this time it is a traditional white cube gallery. It is staffed and visited by small plastic cats.

TCG³ is constructed of glued and nailed sustainable OSB. It is painted white inside.

  • Inside height: 18.2cm
  • Inside width: 18.3cm
  • Inside depth: 20cm
  • Outside height and width 20cm
  • Outside depth 20.8cm

Lighting is ambient from the sides or spot lit from the top. It is possible to move the spotlight to the side if you prefer.

To exhibit at the TCG³ please read the information and use the form at the bottom of the page to apply.

How long do exhibitions last?

One week, with installation on Sunday and pack down the following Sunday. The work is exhibited for a total of 6 days and attempts are made to document daily on Instagram although there is no guarantee of every day posts.

How many artworks can I fit in the space?

The amount of works depends on the size of your pieces. It would be possible to create an installation that covers all 3 walls, ceiling and floor, or you may prefer to just exhibit one piece in the centre of the end wall.

Photographic access is limited and images are only taken straight on. Please bear this in mind if you want to show on all 3 walls. The side walls will not be easy to view.

What are the requirements to exhibit at the Tiny Cat Gallery?

1) You must be active on Instagram

You don’t need a huge following, but you do need to re post and promote your exhibition so we both benefit from the exposure.

2) The work must be for sale

The gallery is a commercial venture and runs from proceeds from sales. Previously the most successful sales have come from artists who do small versions of their normal practice and that are priced between £20 an £45.

How can I visit an exhibition?

Viewing is currently online only and is documented on Instagram. A record of each exhibition is kept on www.lisa-cole.co.uk and the process of curating is documented at www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/the-tiny-cat-gallery

Sales and Commission

  • A standard rate of commission is charged at 50% of the gross selling price.
  • Artwork is held by the gallery for one month after the exhibition closes and will be returned if there is no sale.
  • Artists will receive a statement of sales as soon as all works sold have been paid for, payment will be made to the artist within 30 days of the exhibition being taken down.
  • I am not VAT registered.

International works

Work exhibited at the Tiny Cat Gallery can be from anywhere in the world as long as it can be posted to the UK and fit through a letterbox. Return postage must be enclosed. This can be by PayPal if you are overseas.

Do you accept prints, or only originals?

I accept both prints and original pieces of art. Work must be posted though. I do not print off work for artists.


It is up to artists to decide how much they would like to price their work for. I am happy to discuss this.

Logistics and postage

The Tiny Cat Gallery prefers artwork that can fit through the letterbox but if you have ideas for a larger installation or 3D sculpture please let me know and we can discuss it.

If you want me to return your work please enclose postage and packaging for return, with your address.

Any artwork sold will be posted first class signed for. The gallery will pay the cost of postage.

What promotion do you do for the exhibition?

I post on a dedicated Instagram account for the Tiny Cat Gallery and occasionally repost to my personal Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and create individual promotional graphics for each exhibition.

There may be an opportunity for you to deliver a workshop. Please let me know your ideas so we can discuss.


Your work will not be covered by insurance whilst it is exhibited but you are welcome to to buy special coverage for your works for the duration of the exhibition.

Terms and Conditions

The artist is responsible for:

  • Postage to the gallery
  • Enclosing postage and packaging for safe return of the artwork
  • Extra insurance if needed
  • Delivering artwork on time for the agreed dates
  • Promotion via social media of the event

The gallery is responsible for

  • Setting up the space to the artists requirements as much as possible
  • Promotion via social media of the event
  • Payment of 50% of the total price agreed via PayPal to the artist if work sells. (Artwork priced at £50 – artist gets £25)
  • Taking care with the artwork to ensure it is as safe as possible in the tiny gallery.

The gallery is not responsible for accidents that might happen to the artwork in the gallery location or in transit.

The Tiny Cat Gallery reserves the right to withdraw an exhibition at any time.

There is no guarantee that the Tiny Cat Gallery will be able to display all the artwork an artist sends.

Terms may change at no notice but this will only be to protect the gallery and the artist.

What is the process of exhibiting in the Tiny Cat Gallery

The gallery has no theme and is open to submissions and proposals. Due to the light-hearted approach of the gallery I cannot show anything of a seriously political or sad nature. Exhibitions do not have to be about cats. The plastic cats are there for narrative and to add a sense of scale.

Artwork and frames will need to be approved before acceptance.

If you would like to participate please fill in the form below:

Tiny Cat Gallery Proposal

    The Terms and Conditions are laid out here https://www.lisa-cole.co.uk/portfolio-item/tiny-cat-gallery-faq/
  • You do not need a huge following to take part but you must commit to reposting and sharing while your exhibition is running at the TCG.
  • This will be used on your artists page and to add content to Instagram posts.
  • This will be used on your artists page and to add content to Instagram posts.
  • Please note that all frames sent by the artist will need approval. They must be well made. We have a selection of ornate or plain frames we can use to display your work.
  • For each work please state dimensions, media and total price. Remember the gallery takes 50% commission.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 32 MB.
    • If you want to run a workshop that can be as an Instagram live, story or in your feed. I can repost and link back to you.


    a white gallery with space for you to display your art to small cats

    The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

    a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

    a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print