Victoria Shone – Catitude

Exhibiting at the TCG³ 8th-14th November 2020 

‘Love cats’ is based on my cat Roy, he’s generally lazing about the studio as I work and enjoy drawing him. I love tattoos and I’m fascinated by the things people choose to adorn their bodies, why and what it signifies to them. I wanted to play with the concept of the old school tattoos people have based on love/hate and have fun with that. I must admit if I was brave enough for hand tattoos this would be the one I would have, this is as close as I dare to venture.
Do not listen to the cat’ this piece was based on my cat Billy who lived a long life, he was 21 when he died and whilst he was a wonderful cat, old age made him very bossy. He would demand to be feed even when he had just eaten and so ‘Don’t listen to the cat, he’s an arsehole’ was a direct response to this. I have come to realise this is a widely shared experience of other cat people!


UK Artist Victoria Shone was born in the South of England and has always created art, it is a huge part of her world and she has been drawing since her early childhood. However, following her Arts Degree Victoria occupied the corporate world for about 15 years and sadly this left little time for the arts. Finally she made the leap to become a fulltime artist 5 years ago and she now lives in the North West of England in Yorkshire where she regularly Exhibits her work. Her prints can also be found in various Art shops and Galleries in the North West. Her work combines colourful, psychedelic images with a modern sensibility of confidence and empowerment. Text is central to Victoria’s work and she uses it to remind us how important it is to live our brief lives with passion and courage.

Time spent with cats is never wasted’ I drew this for all my fellow cat loving friends. There’s a shared comradery amongst cat lovers, cemented by the fact that nobody owns a cat but rather we are owned by them.  We are of course fully aware of this, they simply bring so much joy we don’t care to worry about it.
Holy crap I look fabulous’ another drawing of Billy cat, a beautiful long haired ginger tom.  Who frankly could strike any pose and be utterly adorably gorgeous! This drawing was based on the fact that he knew it.


Throughout my life I have worked in various mediums, but for the last few years it has been either paint or ink for me! I love to draw and find it is the most effective way for me to communicate with the world. My work is about my observations on life; hopes, dreams, regrets and reflection. I believe that all too often the battles and conversations we have internally, combined with our insecurities and fears, can keep us feeling ordinary. When in reality, every single one of us is valuable and has our own beautiful quirks to bring to the circus of life.

My message is simple; know who you are, be confident in who you are and celebrate what others are too.

Instagram – @victoriashoneart

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A6 prints on Genyous 350gsm uncoated paper.10.5 x 16cm, £7 each or a set of all 4 for £25

290 x 390 prints £45 each

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Victoria Shone Catitude Exhibition November 20

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

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a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print