Sally Eldars – By the Seashore

By the Seashore

By the Seashore is the centre piece in this show. A bold unapologetic statement about plastic waste and its impact on marine life in our seas and oceans.

“The old fishing nets and the dried-up seaweed was found on a beach during my first trip out post-lockdown. They have been shaped into one, you can’t untangle one from the other. This mass of tangled plastic does not just catch fish when used correctly, it also, causes the death of other marine animals. As a scuba diver, I have spent many a time trying to dislodge discarded fishing nets and plastic bags from coral reefs, or collected plastic rubbish washed up on to the seashore.

My seascapes serve as a backdrop to the main piece, painting in miniature, which has been quite a challenge for me!”

Artists Statement

Sally is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, her mixed cultural background and identity informs most of her work and ideas. She was born and brought up in Cairo, to an Egyptian father and British mother. Her work examines and conceptualises social-political, cultural and environmental issues. She works intuitively and spontaneously using different techniques and materials. She also paints large seascapes and landscapes, which allow her to express feelings and emotions freely and impulsively, telling stories with bold messy shapes, lines, and bright colours.

Thinking outside the box and to have the opportunity to exhibit inside a cardboard box, is fantastic as it allows her to rethink and scale down her work so it can be seen from a different perspective.

Most recently, Sally has also created an unconventional gallery to be able to curate and showcase artists work in a unique and unconventional way and outside the confined spaces of traditional galleries.

Sally is also the curator of

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Technical Specs

Two landscapes Shorescape 001, Shorescape 002
Three portrait paintings:  Beach Hut, Bucket and spade, Beach Games
Each painting: 10 cm x 15 cm
Size with frame: 13 cm x 18 cm
Mixed media on card

Artist led workshop


The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print