Laura Ply – Lost in Meadow

Lost in Meadow

I think we need to remember goods and happiness of getting lost in nature. Lay down in meadow, watch passing clouds, listen to wind blowing and sniff flowers.
With these textile pieces I have tried to hold all memories of joy being lost in the field. Forgetting time and enjoying surroundings, being free of time. Remembering to cherish every tiny detail of meadow and use it in your mind.

Artists Statement

My work is mostly inspired by patterns in nature, floral shapes, textures and smells of blossoms. I try to feature exclusively positive emotions in my work. I believe there is an excess of negativity in our world, so the least I can do is make my work positive. I especially enjoy creating on the spot, impulsively and without sketches.
Creative work is fundamental to my existence and happiness. I live through it, project my emotions onto it and feel genuine joy and pleasure when engaging in it.

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These works are made by creating monotypes on fabrics and cutting out wanted pieces out into squares. I carefully arrange every tiny square until an appropriate picture is achieved and then stitch them by hand. Highlighting important details by using a needle to apply thread.

Artists Bio

Laura lives in the Medieval town of Tewkesbury which she finds inspiring for her work. For her Bachelor she has studied Textiles and in 2019 at UWE Bristol completed Masters degree with Distinction in Design. Laura enjoys exploring and working in different media such as glass, print, textiles, ceramics and etc. While studying for her Master degree she found herself in the ceramics area and since then is making her way there.
During studies, she went to Edinburgh to meet and get experience from great ceramicist Simon Ward, who not only helped her to learn more about the throwing process with porcelain but also helped to develop a new hybrid technique which pays homage to Feibleman’s art. Laura has contemporized her approach by combining throwing technique with Nerikomi technique. Moreover, during my MA studies she has met incredible glass-casting artist Angela Thwaites who have taught her skills in glass casting. For further experience in 2018 summer Laura traveled with her to US, Seattle, Pilchuck glass school for New Footprints in Glass – Session 6 with Yoav Reches & Angela Thwaites where Laura enriched knowledge about glass casting and combining it with 3D printing skills.
Laura is at the beginning of her career as Ceramicist, exploring unknown areas, sometimes failing in process and learning from it.


Imagine you are in the meadow full of fragile flowers and grasses, and knowing that if you pick a couple of them they will die before you reach home. What if you would keep the shape and colour of the plant on your plain scarf? Pick the flower and place under the scarf. Grab a small rock or maybe you have a spoon? Start pounding away the plant until its shape appears. When you are finished with your piece, steam it for a couple minutes or simmer with a couple spoons of white vinegar to preserve it.

Rapeseed Meadow

A carpet full of yellow flowers for which you are always waiting in the spring. It reminds you that summer is coming with missed sunny days.

14.5cm x 14.5cm and 2.5cm thickness.

Technical Specs

Rapeseed Meadow
Cornflower Meadow
Meadow Vetchling

All pieces are 14.5cm x 14.5cm and 2.5cm thickness.

Purple Haze of Heather
Sphagnum Mosses

10cm x 10cm, 2,5cm


The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print

a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print