Giovanna Iorio – Voice Portraits

Artists Statement

This QRCode links to the sound installation “Poetry in the air” which is currently at the art Gallery “La Stanza” (The room) in Narni, Italy (opens 23rd July ) where the Voice Portraits are printed on paper 50x50cm.

I turn voices of poets into images. I use spectrograms and they represent the voice and its unique digital print. I then reimagine the spectrogram and turn the spectrograms into artworks. I call them “Voice Portraits” and they are the unique representation of the human voice. You can see the colors of each voice and listen with your eyes. I exhibited the Voice Portraits in UK and Italy. The exhibition includes audio and the possibility to listen to the original voices of the poets from the Poetry sound library. While visitors can enjoy the colours of the voice portraits they can also immerse into the voices.

Giovanna Iorio is an eclectic artist. She combines photography, sound, poetry and prose in her works. She lived in Dublin, Turin and Glasgow. She spent sixteen years in Rome and moved to London in 2017. She now lives and works in Hertford. She has collaborated with internationally awarded artists and musicians looking for synergies and experimenting with different languages. She is the founder of the Poetry Sound Library, an interactive map to listen to poets from present and past on a world map. Her works have been part of exhibitions and events.

Listen with your eyes

Instagram –@gioiorio


Giovanna works with photography and poets colour recordings

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

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a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print