Amy Grogan – An Exhibition for Mice

Artists statement:

‘An Exhibition for Mice’ explores the ways in which miniature art may foster an interest and understanding within my practice, potentially nurturing and informing my day to day artwork. Furthermore, it will address the need for me to adapt and analyse my practice in line with the current restrictions of Covid-19. My project aims to:

  • Identify dominant themes in regard to the curation of miniature art.
  • Document participant’s responses to a variety of layouts by exploring their set criteria.
  • Identify potential future challenges in relation to miniature art being incorporated within my practice.

Gigantic sculpture occupied my practice. I relish in the re-imagining of scale, context and materials – I see these as the central focus of my practice. I like to only have two variables within my work, these being scale and material and therefore colour is one thing that I never alter. Haptic perception/prohibition of touch is a subject I consider greatly whilst creating. I am particularly interested in alluring viewers in (in this case, Cats). However, due to current restrictions I have decided to alter my practice, whether this will be a long-term transformation or a period of progression and discovery is yet to be determined. Miniature art is now currently occupying my practice.

Instagram: @amykimgrogan

Exhibition specifications:


Archway – 105x90x40mm

Steel and plywood

Once through the arch you shall feel majestic, noble and stately.

(not for sale)

Mature cheese – 60x50x3mm


This cheese is reserved for the larger mice with larger bellies.

£20 for set of 3

Baby cheese – 50x40x3mm


Baby cheese for baby mice.

£20 for set of three

Engraved Turkey – 80x80x6mm


A simplistic take upon a traditional Christmas meal.


Lamb leg – 100x65x3mm


A non-edible family favourite.


Marrow gap – 50x35x5mm

Photograph with frame

Without suitable materials and skills we must find solutions with objects around us.


Stick monuments – 50x35x5mm

Photograph with frame

A field full of monuments.


Miniature Margherita – 50x35x5mm

Photograph with frame

I dropped dinner on the floor, sorry.


an exhibition for mice with cheese and lamb chops by Amy Grogan

The Tiny Art Gallery Manual

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a book to help you run your own small gallery kindle and in print