Tiny Gallery Book 2

Dear curator

I am planning a second Tiny Gallery book.

This one will be more in depth, long form interviews with you. Like before there will be no financial reward whatsoever for taking part. Apologies. I will try to get some author editions so at least I could sell you the book at cost.

The form is just for questions, I’ll contact you again for images.

Thank you!

Tiny Gallery Book 2

This form is to collect the contents for the Tiny Gallery Book 2. Entering information on this form gives me permission to publish your words - with full credits of course. There will be no financial reward for artists and curators featured in the book but I will do my utmost to promote your work at every opportunity. I will try to get cheaper author copies for participants to purchase at cost.

If you don't want me to publish your real name please let me know!