The Tiny Art Gallery Manual


"Easy to read , Great advice, perfect for art students and professionals alike.

A must read for anyone interested in social media and marketing (and how to get big things out of a tiny practice).

The book was really well laid out and easy to understand. Just the right mix of good advice and interesting anecdotes. Would recommend to anyone working with miniatures or who would like insight into how to bump up how you curate your own and others work.  Not too long a read either, long enough to stimulate new ideas for someone with a professional practice and still short enough to keep an aspiring art student engaged and entertained.

Also it has great pictures! You can really get a good snapshot of each topic/gallery mentioned without drowning in text. The sheer number of galleries shown is sure to get ideas flowing if your looking for inspiration."

Review and image by practicing artist Tiffany Struwig. Curator of the Struwig Miniature Gallery and student at Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton)

Instagram : tiffany_struwig_fine_art

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