This Manifesto is the start of the G.M.G (Guild of Micro Galleries)

We are a gathering of those who run Micro Galleries or are run by them.

Our aim is to exhibit art as part of a narrative that includes unusual audiences and locations.

A Micro Gallery is a space that isn’t a typical gallery but somewhat functions like one.

There is no set limit to the scale of a Micro Gallery nor is there a limit to the amount one can own, or the size of the work displayed (if it fits it sits).

Micro refers to the size of the gallery, not the size of the work. It may also be called a Tiny, Small, Miniature or Mini gallery.

Micro Galleries do not require a fixed location to be viewed but those that do are considered stationery those that don’t are nomadic.

A Micro Gallery can be either physical, digital or both and can be constructed from anything.

Membership to the G.M.G is by invitation, there is no charge for membership.

Membership is a recognition of excellence in Micro Gallery management.

We promote and encourage artists we exhibit and support and nurture other members

There is no limit to how many shows can be held although at least one a year would be nice but isn’t a banishing offence if not done.

The operation of a Micro Gallery can be a free space in which artists aren’t required to pay for its services but shoulder the delivery of their art.

Micro Galleries also have the opportunity to sell the work of exhibiting artist to support the continuous running of the gallery or for profit

The owner/ curator has the right to show whatever they please whether it’s a set theme, standpoint, artist career group or single artist.

The One Main Rule

We use our galleries for good not evil by showing work that does not actively spread hate or discrimination, unless the artist is highlighting an unheard voice and states so in the work.


A Micro Gallery that breaks the one rule is at risk of banishment from the Guild of Micro Galleries

Founding members


Honorary member

Amanda Lynch @correspondencecollective for her work with Restriction